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Slip Stitch

2 July 2023

learn how to create a crochet slip stitch

 A slip stitch is used when you want to crochet across to another stitch without adding to the height of the work.  Is it commonly used to join work when crocheting motifs, crocheting in the round, for seaming, for moving along rows and straightening edges.  

The abbreviation for a slip stitch is SL or SL ST

Step 1: insert the hook into the next stitch (or chain or any indicated stitch as per the pattern).  Make sure you are going under both loops at the top of the stitch)    

Step 2: Yarn over the hook (by bringing the yarn from the back to the front) 

learn how to bring the yarn from back to front to create a crochet slip stitch

Step 3: Pull the yarn through the stitch (there will be two loops on the hook) and then pull the loop you've just made through the loop on the hook.  There will be one loop left on the hook.

lean how to pull the yarn through to create a crochet slip stitch

learn how to create a crochet slip stitch

learn how to create a crochet slip stitch

The slip stitch is complete.  You should now have just one loop left of the hook.    

lean how to create a crochet slip stitch

As always, you need to practice to build your skills.  Once you are competent, you should be able to pull the yarn over and through the stitch in one continuous motion.

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