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Crochet Stitch Conversion

20 June 2023

learn how to convert US crochet stitch terminology to UK stitch terminology

It comes as a surprise to many, that there are two different stitch terminologies used in crocheting.  US terminology and UK terminology.  The actual stitches, and how you make the stitches are the same, but they are named differently.  This can be extremely confusing, especially for beginners.

Australia officially follows UK terminology, but these days many crocheters and designers in both AU and UK are writing patterns using the US terminology.

Both US and UK stitches are widely used in patterns and books, but it is very important that you know which is being used in the pattern you are using, otherwise, you will end up with a crocheted item that is vastly different from intended.

So how do you know whether a pattern is written using US or UK terminology?

Hopefully the designer has included which stitch terminology they have used in their pattern.  Likewise, if you are working from a crochet book, the terminology used should be listed at the front, or if you can see where the book was published, it will give a clue.  A quick and easy way to tell, is to see if the pattern uses SC (single crochet), as only US terminology uses the single crochet stitch terminology.

The stitch conversion chart below can be used to convert your pattern as needed:

US Stitch Terminology

UK Stitch Terminology

Chain (CH)

Chain (CH)

Single Crochet (SC)

Double Crochet (DC)

Double Crochet (DC)

Treble (TR)

Half Double Crochet (HDC)

Half Treble (HTR)

Treble (or triple) Crochet (TR or TRC)

Double Treble (DTR)

Double Treble (DTR)

Triple Treble (TTR)

Triple Treble (TTR)

Quadruple Treble (QTR)

I personally find that US stitch terminology makes more sense, as to me it actually describes what the stitch being made is.  All of the patterns on this site written by me, are written in US stitch terminology.

Feel free to print this chart, and keep it handy for when you need it.  Or you can download it here!

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